Sabor Vital

Portfolio Branding Sabor vital Sabor Vital is a restaurant proposal focused on supplying the necessary nutrients in a healthy yet delicious manner. description The logo is formed with the name of the restaurant placed in a block where the A and the V unite to mimic the form of a heart beat surrounded by a […]

LC Dental Studio

Portfolio Brand Construction LC Dental studio LC Dental Studio is a dentist studio attended by the owner who graduated from New York University Dental School, and continued her dental studies in implants two years in the same school wish has a top notch program. Description For the construction of the logo for LC Dental Studio, […]

Blackstone California

Portfolio BRACELETS FOR MEN BLACKSTONE CALIFORNIA BRANDING AND WEBSITE Blackstone California is a hand-made bracelet company for men made with exclusive materials that add style to any outfit. Description The logo is comprised of geometric figures, that with the means of circles and triangular forms, you can identify the sun, the land, the mountains together […]