Imagen & Estilo

Portfolio Branding Imagen & estilo Imagen & Estilo is a beauty salon attended by the owner who has earned more than 32 years of experience in the field. description For the construction of Imagen & Estilo’s logo we chose to highlight the initials and add ornamental figures and flowers in order to give it a feminine, […]

Sabor Vital

Portfolio Branding Sabor vital Sabor Vital is a restaurant proposal focused on supplying the necessary nutrients in a healthy yet delicious manner. description The logo is formed with the name of the restaurant placed in a block where the A and the V unite to mimic the form of a heart beat surrounded by a […]

Oscar Gil

Portfolio Branding Oscar Gil Salon Oscar Gil is a beauty salon attended by the owner who has earned more than 30 years of experience in the field. Description For the construction of the logo, I integrated scissors with the name of the salon within a hexagon with rounded angles. I chose the colors black and […]

LC Dental Studio

Portfolio Brand Construction LC Dental studio LC Dental Studio is a dentist studio attended by the owner who graduated from New York University Dental School, and continued her dental studies in implants two years in the same school wish has a top notch program. Description For the construction of the logo for LC Dental Studio, […]

Blackstone California

Portfolio BRACELETS FOR MEN BLACKSTONE CALIFORNIA BRANDING AND WEBSITE Blackstone California is a hand-made bracelet company for men made with exclusive materials that add style to any outfit. Description The logo is comprised of geometric figures, that with the means of circles and triangular forms, you can identify the sun, the land, the mountains together […]

Nomad Souls

Portfolio TRAVELING COUPLE BRANDING DESIGN Nomad Souls is a couple that travels the world and shares their experience through their photos and stories displaying unique places as well as shared experiences of their travels. Description The logo was developed in the form of a shield with a tribal style using simple geometric figures that are […]


Portfolio Professional FPV drone pilot Branding design Juan FPV is an FPV (first person view) drone pilot who strives to capture landscapes and places with a dynamic, agile style like that of a falcon. Description The logo is inspired by the image of a falcon, that in place of wearing a typical falcon hood, is […]


Portfolio Cargo transportation company branding design Hurry box is a cargo company whose guarantee is to deliver their customers packages and merchandise in the least amount of time possible. They are agile, trustworthy, and strive to establish rapport with each and every one of their clients. Description For this project, I constructed a cartoon image […]